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Demetrios Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Demetrios
Sex male
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 30 B.C. and 395 A.D
Current Location
Catalog #


The mummy is the name of a man named, Demetrios and this was learned because of the style of the wrapping, and his name which is gilded across the linen wrappings.

He was from an Egyptian background but maybe he also had a Greek ethnic background.

Demetrios was dug up from a Roman cemetery in Hawara, Egypt in 1911, and is said to date between 30 B.C. and 395 A.D


Demetrios’ portrait was painted on a wooden panel, and inserted into the linens over his face. This is typical of the Roman Period mummies. However what is not very usual the Roman Period mummies is that the surface of Demetrios’ linens has been covered with red lead paint which is called a "red shroud portrait mummy.”

The mummy now stays in the Brooklyn Museum



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