Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Demetrios
Age Died at age 59
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Eygptian
Date(s) 30 B.C-395 A.D
Site Roman Cemetery, Hawara,Egypt
Current Location
Location Now held in Brooklyn Museum
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Biography Edit

Demetrios lived in the century C.E. At first Demetrios was thought to be a female due to his name and the lettering. He was an Egyptian but may have had some Greed ethnic background. There was a very good chance he was born during the time of Cleopatra the Great. This means he could have witnessed the change of Egypt from the independent Hellenistic Kingdom to the property of the Roman Emperor.


Demetrios was prepared in a way that is called "red shroud portrait mummification". This means that over the mummy bandages priests added a linen shroud which was painted red.The inscription on the shroud was in Greek rather than Egyptian hieroglyphics.


CT scans showed some of his medical history. This helped to determine his age. The gall stone was also found preserved in the gall bladder. Knowledge of the aging of his spine helped show his actual age.


The cause of his death was unknown

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