Brief Description

Deborah Morrell's mummified body was discovered

Deborah Morell

Human Mummy

Biographical Information
Name(s) Deborah Morrell
Age 51
Sex F
Status deceased
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Deceased: Late December 2014

Found: April 2015

Current Location
Location Southampton, England
Catalog # Unknown

Morrell's Southampton Home

in her Southampton home on Hartington road four months prior to her 2015 death. Ms. Morrell had a history of depression and alcohol abuse and was found laying in her bed surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol. Morrell had been deeply in debt with British Gas companies and was 51 years of age at the time of her death.

No foul play is suspected in reference to Morrell's death, as her home had no obvious signs of forced entry.

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