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Biology Edit

The mummy was found in a 2000 year old tomb, in the Bahariya Oasis. Her body was completely plastered. On her body she was wearing jewelry, shoes, a headscarf and a tunic. Due to the tomb she was discovered in, it is said that she was a woman of power considering everything that she was wearing at the time she was buried.The mummy was also very short, indication that she was a dwarf. At the time, dwarfs were either seen as assistants to pharaohs or looked up to as god.

Mummification Edit

She was found dressed in Roman Robes. This may have indicated that she was part of the Roman Ruling time period.

Studies Edit

The site where the mummy was discovered, there were also 14 other tombs were found.

Pathology Edit

Additional Information Edit

It was found that all the tombs dated back to when Rome was in control of Egypt. Until today no one knows who's body this is. There were various other objects that were found in the same area where the mummies were found, such as pottery, masks and other jewelry.

References Edit

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