Cleopatricia Penelope
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Cleopatricia (a.k.a Cleo)
Age 9-13
Sex Female
Status high
Height 112 cm
Culture Ptolemaic
Date(s) 2897B.C.-2886B.C.
Site Southeast area down the Nile River
Current Location
Location Royal Ontario Museum
Catalog # none

Biography: Cleo's mummy approximates that she was living around 2897-2886 B.C Her genetic lineage claims that she was related to King Tutu.She had a lot of gems and jewelry found in her burial, which showed her high status. Edit

Mummification: She seemed to be mummified in the style that the ancient Egyptians used as there was still some hair and skin preserved. The incisions on the torso and head area showcases that all internal organs were removed. Since the skin was very dried, it showed that the body was dehydrated, possibly from the heat or salt. Edit

Pathology: She had many dental cavities probably from food build up or too much accumulation of foods high in sugars. Her height showed that she was not at the full height of an average female of that time; therefore, indicating that she may have been a young teenager. Since all of her internal organs were gone. Edit

Additional Info: There were many Egyptian symbols of rebirth and protection painted on the outside layer of the mummy.Edit

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