Cleopatra Candace
Human Mummy
File:Http:// 001 l.jpg?width=304
Biographical Information
Name(s) Cleopatra Candace
Age 17
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height approx. 5' 2'
Culture Roman
Date(s) approx. 100-120 CE
Site Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Egypt, Africa
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # Unknown

Biography Edit

Cleopatra Candace was a Roman period mummy.She is currently on display at the British Museum in the United Kingdom. She was the daughter of Candace and a member of the Cornelius Pollius family; Her status was unknown. Cleopatra was found in a wooden coffin (tomb 32) in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna(Thebes), Egypt which was decorated with all sorts of objects. Inscriptions on her coffin state that she died at the age of 17. The maximum length of her coffin suggests that she may have been approximately 5 feet 2 inches. An earlier finding suggested that Cleopatra may have been 11 at the time of her death, however that was disregarded as the state of her skeleton indicated otherwise.

Mummification Edit

Limited information can be said about the body and limbs of Cleopatra; material under her bandages has made acquiring information difficult. There are no signs of growth restraining. No fractures are evident within her ribs, arms and legs. Her left hip is said to be dislocated due to tight bandaging. Her body cavity lacked transparency; it was wrapped in fine linen bandages and to ensure security of an outer cloak, bandages were wrapped in all directions. Her bandages were decorated with painted images of worshiped beings at the time she was living, a wooden comb, a string of berries, and a funerary wreath.

Additional Information Edit

Exhibition History: Edit

October 15, 1997- April 30 1998 Italy, Rome, Fondazione Memmo, Ancient Faces

Acquisition Date: Edit


Acquisition Name: Edit

  • Purchased from Henry Salt
  • Purchased from Joseph Sams

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