Child Mummy Oldest Known Smallpox Virus
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Vilnius Mummy
Age 2 to 4
Sex Unknown
Status Peasant
Height Unknown
Culture Lithuanian
Date(s) 1643 to 1665
Site Vilnius
Current Location
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Catalog # Unknown


Smallpox has ravaged the old world for centuries prior to being brought over to the new world. This collection of mummies was diagnosed with smallpox from DNA samples done on the remains, likely indicating that death was caused by the virus.


Preserved inside the Lithuanian church


The collection of mummies go a long way to helping identify the evolution of smallpox and identifying the historical evolution of viral DNA.


The Vilnius Mummies appear to have the earliest cases of smallpox that is the same in DNA as the one that we currently know of. The virus was discovered when a sample of DNA from the mummies was being analysed, with over 200 matches for smallpox DNA being present.

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