Chen Jinggu
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Chen Jinggu
Age 24
Sex Female
Status Married
Culture Chinese
Current Location
Location village of Daqiao
Catalog #


"This legendary woman who was later declared as the Goddess Lady Linshui in the 13th century was born in the 700s as Chen Jinggu. From an early age, Chen Jinggu showed signs of powerful clairvoyant abilities and an intense devotion to Her Heavenly Mother, Kuan Yin" (Mayflower 2013). As a teenager, Chen Jinggu embarked on a journey to learn shamanism and martial arts from a well-known shaman on Mount Lu (Mayflower 2013). "These skills would aid Her greatly in Her fight against the magical snake. She mastered every magical art except for childbirth, which She didn’t bother with considering that She had no desire to get married" (Mayflower 2013). Lady Ge, Chen's mother, wanted to find her daughter a husband, but was unsuccessful as Chen rejected all her efforts (Mayflower 2013). "Instead, Chen Jinggu set up practice as a professional shaman, performing everything from demon exorcism to spirit summoning. She also trained two other women, Lin Jiuniang and Li Sanniang, who together formed a sister-shaman trio" (Mayflower 2013).

Although, Lady Ge failed numerous times, eventually "Liu Qi and Chen Jinggu fell in love and sealed their great affection for one another with formal matrimony" (Mayflower 2013). Shortly after Liu and Chen got married, Chen became pregnant (Mayflower 2013). During the time of Chen's pregnancy, the kingdom in which they lived suffered from a severe drought (Mayflower 2013). At this time, "The king called upon Chen Jinggu to invoke the rain, but as rain invocation required incredibly strenuous dancing, She could not perform the dance due to being pregnant" (Mayflower 2013). Chen could not wait to invoke the rain, thus she had to abort her child from her womb, and magically seal it inside of the placenta and hide it safely inside her mother's home (Mayflower 2013). While she was dancing to summon the rain, the snake had gone into her mother's mom and ate the baby inside (Mayflower 2013). This event caused "Chen Jinggu began to severely hemorrhage. Realizing what had happened, She went to confront the magical snake and managed to kill it with the last of her strength" (Mayflower 2013). After losing all her strength, Chen Jinggu had then collapsed, and passed away at age 24 (Mayflower 2013).

"Lady Linshui was first recognized in the Emperor’s Register of Sacrifices around the year 1250" (Mayflower 2013).


"The first temple built in Her honour was constructed in 792 in the village of Daqiao. Her mummified body now rests here together with the remains of the magical snake" (Mayflower 2013).



Additional InfoEdit


Mayflower, Rose. "Lady Linshui, Daughter of Kuan Yin." Goddess of 10,000 Names. N.p., 28 Aug. 2013. Web. 13 Jan. 2017.

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