Chachapoya mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Chachapoya mummies
Age 500 years old
Sex both male and female
Status unknown
Height unknown
Culture Inca
Date(s) unknown
Site Kuelap, Gran Pajatén and Vira Vira
Current Location
Location Northern Peru
Catalog # unknown


Chachapoya mummies are related to Inca mummies. These people lived in the area of the world now known as Northern Peru. This however, was an area that the Inca's wanted for themselves. At first, the Inca's tried to persuade the Chachapoya people to become part of the empire in a civil manner. Unfortunately, this did not go as planned and both groups fought each other. In the end, the Inca's won over the land. This explains the presence of these mummified individuals in this area of the world.


Evidence of mummification could be seen on the mummified individuals based on embalming of the skin, internal organs as well as the clear removal of the anus. At the same time, it was noted how the facial cavities had been filled with cotton, another sign of mummification. The mummified individuals were placed in a flexed, seated position wrapped in a bundle of cloth.



No evidence of disease existing in these mummies.

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