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The bodies found in the Capuchin Crypt date back hundreds of years, but they were only recently rediscovered and open to the public. Here church members and monks have been buried directly below the main alter of the monastery up until the 18th century. Only 24 of the original 200 mummies remain. Anyone in the city could have been buried there, with no distinction made to social class or heirarchy.


The Capuchin Crypt in Brno is a funeral room found in in a Capuchin Monastery in the mid 17th century. The bodies of people buried there unintentionally turned into mummies because of the geological composition of the ground, which had a unique soil structure. Also, the air ventilation ducks gave the bodies open air.


These are probably the best known collection of mummies in the Czech Republic. Anyone can tour the Crypt by visiting the Brno tourism website listed below in "External Links"


Once the church member or monk died naturally, the Capuchin monks of the monastery would lay the deceased a floor of bricks with a rosary in their hands. The bodies unintentionally turned into mummies by natural processes.

Additional InfoEdit

A notable member buried in the crypt was Baron Frantz Trenck, a member of Austrian Imperial Army born in 1711. He died while in prison for treason, however was still given his own room in the crypt complete with a glass coffin.

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