Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi Edit

Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi - Canadian Ice Man
Biographical Information
Name(s) Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi
Age 17 - 22 years old (est.)
Sex Male
Status Canadian Ice Man
Height Unknown
Culture Champagne and Aishihik First Nations
Date(s) 1450 AD - 1700 AD
Site Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, British Columbia, Canada
Current Location
Location Whitehorse, Yukon territory, Canada
Catalog # N/A


Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi (means the young hunter in Southern Tutchone language of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations people), also known as the Canadian Ice Man, was found in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park in British Columbia, Canada (about 1000 miles north of Vancouver) in 1999 by a group of three hunters. The mummy was removed from the site on August, 1999 by the scientists for further analysis.

Mummification Edit

Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi was a natural mummy. He was discovered in a melting glacier along with a number of artifacts, wore a small pelt and his belongings included a walking stick, an iron-blade knife, a spear thrower and some other tools.

The body had been found to be dismembered into two parts. The first one found was the torso (upper body) with left arm and mummified hand still attached to the body. The second part found was the lower body with thighs and muscles still attached. The skull was found in 2003 but was not removed from the site. The torso and thighs were primarily covered with soft tissues.

The cause of death is still unknown until now.

Studies Edit

The Champagne and Alshihik First Nations people were proclaimed to be the mummy's representatives because their historic territory was at the area of the site where the mummy was found. They joined and supported the studies of the mummy, and did the DNA testing analysis. Out of 241 volunteers of the Champagne and Alshihik First Nations people for mitochondiral DNA testing resulted 17 living people to be related to Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi.

Pathology Edit

The body was dismembered probably by thermal cracking of ice and slumping along the edge of the glacier. The mummy's height is also unknown due to this incident.

There was no sign of serious injury, so it is high potential that hypothermia was the reason caused the death.

Tissues study revealed his diet consisted of mainly salmon and shellfish, which demonstrates that he was from one of the communities (of the Champagne and Alshihik First Nations) near the Pacific Ocean coast.

External Info Edit

In June 2005, the findings of the mummy were interestingly discussed at Yukon College at the science conference Rapid Landscape Change.

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References Edit

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