Sand Buried Egyptian Mummy
Egyptian mummy as displayed.
Egyptian mummy as displayed.
Biographical Information
Name(s) Human Mummy
Age Adult - Unspecified
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 163 cm length
Culture Naqada -Egyptian
Date(s) 3400 BC.
Site Africa,Egypt,Upper Egypt,Gebelein
Current Location
Location British Museum
Catalog # G64/dc15


Mummy of a full grown adult male with an unspecified age. Was found laying in flex position in the Gebelein town in Egypt. The body was buried in a contracted, almost foetal, position, which continued to be the principal position for burials until well into the Old Kingdom, when bodies were usually buried fully extended.

Skull - Tufts of ginger-coloured hair are present on the scalp. No obvious fractures. Mouth slightly open. All teeth present and appear healthy.

Thorax and Abdomen - Comminuted fracture, 4th left rib. Fracture, anterior third of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th left ribs. The spinal column is free from fractures and dislocations. The intervertebral discs appear normal. No arthritic changes are present. There is a large, faintly granular opacity within the thorax. Stellate crack fracture on the wing of the left ilium. Fracture through the right pubic ring.

Arms - No definite fractures seen. The left index finger and several of the terminal phalanges of the feet are missing.

Legs - Both femoral shafts are fractured and there is a fracture of the shaft of the left tibia and fibula. Three shells are present on the soft tissue just behind the left knee. No lines of arrested growth are visible.


Buried in a shallow grave, in direct contact with the sand, perhaps covered by a mound of earth. Although the man was not placed in a coffin, the dryness of the sand acted as a preservative, which is why he is found in a remarkable state of preservation.


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In fair condition - Cause of death unknown.

Additional InfoEdit

Also due to the excellent condition of preservation by the sand, remains of his ginger-colored hair were found.

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