In 2000 Homicide detective examine different body parts including; leg bones, a foot, fingernails and a ribcage discovered  in Uchte, Germany. The body of a girl was discovered in a bog, found by a peat cutter who was operating a backhoe. Unfortunately the girls body was dismembered by the backhoe, the dig team found more than 100 body parts. Carbon dating dates the body back to 650 B.C. with an estimated age of 16-19 years old. It was said there where signs that the deceased may have been a victim of a sex crime such as the body being completely naked, in the middle of a huge, dark bog in a isolated area; however it is very unlikely that she was violated or murdered said wetland archaeologist and dig supervisor Alf Metzler rather it was more likely that she was collecting bilberries (a intoxicating berry commonly used by early German tribes. ““If she had been strangled, stabbed, or her head had been smashed in, we’d see signs of it on the bones. It was most likely an accident.” Later in 2005 found a hand in the same location. 


Found in 2000 (body) and 2005 (hand) the body was originally unearthed by a peat cutter operating a backhoe in Uchte, Germany. Police where called into investigate but after examination it was realized that the body was located well beneath the reach of modern peat cutting, exposing that the remains did not belong to a modern victim. Since the body was discovered buried deep underground in a peat (a nearly 60% organic material) with low temperatures, acidic water, and a lack of oxygen it is not uncommon for bodies especially the skin to be relatively well preserved. 


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