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Loulan beauty

Mummy Beauty Loulan
|name = Beauty of the Ancient Loulan Castle 
|age = 45 years old 
|sex = female 
|status = mummie 
|height = 1.55 meters
|culture = 
|dates =
|site =
|location = Xinjiang 
|catalogue = }}

In 1980, Shunying Mu excavated a female mummy, known as "Loulan beauty." Is by far the earliest unearthed corpse in Xinjiang, a dating back about three thousand eight hundred years of history. Scientific determination of the woman died for the 45-year-old, his height 1.55 meters, is 10.1 kg weight, blood type O, unearthed in a typical wind erosion sandy soil in Taiwan, the top of the tomb cover tree branches, Reed, side of the claw, straw basket and so on. Ancient corpse dressed in coarse wool fabric and sheepskin, foot pedal sewing thick fur boots. Hair long feet more than a yellow-brown, rolling pressure in the apex hat, the cap inserted a few support Ling, color reddish-brown elastic, eye nest deep, high and narrow nose, chin Alice, with a distinct Europa feature.


The Beauty of the Ancient Loulan Castle was be found at 1980Xinjiangng, China. It had more 3800 years history. Who died 3800 years ago in the ancient city of Loulan is located on the Silk Road, the woman west of China. Her body and other more than 200 mummies is preserved thanks to the soil of drought and abundant salt. Since mummies were found in the Xinjiang area of China, the government has restricted access because the mummies are white - thus confirming that the ancestors of the Uyghurs were Europeans, Asians not Asia, and they were residents of this ancient place.

==Additional Info==

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