Palermo Rosalia Lombardo2

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Eternal beautiful girl, Rosalia Lombardo was dead December 6 in 1920 by pneumonia when she was only at age of 2. She is laid in the catacomb of Ordo Fratrum Minorm Capuccinorum(OFM Cap) in Italy. She was a daughter of Mario Lombardo, and after she was dead, she was kept as a mummy for her father's request. There are approximately more than 8,000 remains in the same charnel house, and many remains were found in a state of skeleton. However, only her remains did not change anything and it keeps as she keeps sleeping even about 90 years passes by. First she was kept as mummy because her father's wish but her bereaved families were died a couple years later as well so no body come to see her anymore in the present.


At the time that she died, her body was preservation by Alfredo Salafia, an embalmer but the way of the preservation was unknown. However, in 2009, a Italian biological anthropolist, Dario Piomobino Mascali was starting to define eternal in through her body. The chemicals include formalin, zinc, salt, alcohol, salicylic and glycerin. Alcohol made her body condition promote a mummy, glucetin keep her mummy, and salicylic would prevent the growth of bacteria. Moreover, the miracle chemical was zinc which gave her body without rot for long time.

Reference Edit

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