Baron Van Holz
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Baron Van Holz
Age 35
Sex Male
Status Single
Height 5'11
Culture German
Date(s) 1806
Site Sommersdorf Castle, Bavaria, Germany
Current Location
Location Hannover, Germany
Catalog #


Baron was a nobleman in Germany.He died at the age of 35 from the flu or blood poisoning while fighting in the Thirty Years' War for Sweden. Baron was buried in the battle uniform which was also preserved.


Baron was mummified under the Sommerdorf Castle in Bavaria, Germany. There has been much debate about how be was mummified and it has yet to be conclusively determined.


Andreas Strobl is currently studying the mummy. In the past Wilfried Rosendahl studied this mummy.


There were no external injuries which lead to the finding that Baron died from some infection or disease.

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