Barbara Salinas-Norman
Biographical Information
Name(s) Barbara Salinas-Norman
Age 70
Sex Female
Status single
Height NA
Culture Mexican American
Date(s) 1942-2012
Current Location
Location New Mexico
Catalog #
Barbara Salinas-Norman


Barbara was an author, activist, and a teacher who died at the age of 70. She was found mummified two years after her passing in her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After two years of returned phone calls and message, Barbara's brother-in-law came to her house to check on her when he found her deceased.


According to Barbara's family, she was described as close to homeless. She was mummified in her home surrounded by her belongings. She cared for her culture and had many belongings in her house that represent her beliefs. It was important to her that she was to be mummified in her home.


After conducting a preliminary autopsy, it was concluded that the cause of her death was natural.

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