Anna Ragin
Human Mummy
House of the mummified women
Biographical Information
Name(s) Anna Ragin
Age 90
Sex F
Status Middle Class
Height  ?
Culture  ?
Date(s) 1920-2010
Current Location
Location San Francisco
Catalog #


House of the mummified women

In 2015, after receiving a call about suspicious circumstances, firefighters removed the body of an elderly women from her home in San Francisco. Kept there by her daughter who is a hoarder and could not seem to let her go.The residence was infested with rats and filled with trash. Workers had to enter through the window as the door was barricaded with refuse. The total time it took to clean and retrieve the body was seven whole days. The body of the ninety year old women was found mummified, wrapped in a blanket. It is estimated she had died and been in the house untouched for five years.


No further studies have been completed, or attempted thus far.


The very dry and high temperature environment, in which the mummy was found in, seems to be the cause of the mummification. Buried under heaps of junk and wrapped in a blanket, made it possible for this body to stay preserved and become a very unusual kind of mummy. 


Anna Ragin

Body being retrieved after five years from the home.

Cause of death is unknown. Most likely age.

Additional InfoEdit

The body received a proper burial afterwards.

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