Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ankhefenmut
Age Around 50
Sex Male
Status Priest of the temple of Mut and a sculptor
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 21st Dynasty, 1069-945 B.C
Site Bab el-Gasus, Thebes, Egypt
Current Location
Location Albany Institute of History & Art, 125 Washington Avenue,  Albany, New York 12210 USA
Catalog # N/A


Ankhefenmut's title was the priest and sculptor of the temple of the goddess Mut, consort of Amun-Re. Mut's cult-temple was at Thebes, its ruins lying to the south of the great Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak. Ankhefenmut is reported to have died in 966 and was probably around 50 years old at the time of his death.


During Dynasty XXI, a change in the practice of mummification occurred. The internal organs were no longer placed in canopic jars, but were usually wrapped in linen packages. These packages were then placed in the empty body or placed between the legs. Canopic jars, however, continued to be a part of the funerary equipment, but were made smaller. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was a well-crafted fake toe, possibly made of ceramic, carefully attached to the right foot of the wrapped mummy.  It is presumed that the toe was fashioned for the man during the mummification process because of the belief that one had to be physically intact to enter the afterlife.


Researchers found that the mummy’s bones were “well mineralized, solid and uniform,” indicating that Ankhefenmut’s diet “contained adequate protein and calcium.” They observed that “his dentition was exceptional, with no cavities or loss of teeth.”


Ankhefenmut was around 50 years when he died. His death is believed to be of natural cause.

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