Ankhef Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ankhef
Age 45+
Sex Male
Status XIth Dynasty Man
Height 170 centimetres
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 12th Dynasty; 11th Dynasty
Site Excavated/Findspot - Asyut
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA46631
AN00031231 001 m

Interior of Coffin: Mask of Ankhef


Ankhef was a middle-aged man (at least 45 at time of death), and was also an official at Asyut. Ankhef was generally healthy, although he suffered from osteoarthritis in his spine and left hip. He was discovered with a headrest placed next to his head and it is assumed that this was one of his personal possessions. Various funerary texts decorate his coffin in order to assist his entrance into the afterlife.


Once Ankhef became a mummified body, he was bandaged, and wrapped in a shroud, or funerary cloth. His mask which covers his head and shoulders was the final element to be to be added to his mummy. Ankhef's mask was made of car tonnage, which is a moulded linen stiffened with plaster. His mask is meant to represent the face of the deceased, and was not an actual portrait. The mask of Ankhef was created to display how the deceased would appear in the Afterlife, therefore was painted with the "golden skin of a divine being." 

Additional InfoEdit

Ankhef's soft tissues have disappeared and his disorganized skeleton is is a result of the disappearance of the ligaments, capsules, etc.

References Edit

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