Biographical Information
Name(s) Anhkr-Hor
Age unknown
Sex Male
Status Governor
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 640-570-B.C.
Current Location
Location Upper Egypt

Biography Edit

Ankh-Hor was one of the wealthiest men in Egypt, his tomb at the Assasif in Thebes being the fourth largest. He was important so his mummy is of good quality. He was considered Steward of the Divine Votress Nitocris’, ‘Great Mayor of Memphis. The great importance of the Gods Wives during this time is clearly reflected in the size of the tombs of their chief administrators, that of Ankh-hor being no exception.

Studies Edit

Egyptologists thought that the mummy was untouched but when it was xrayed, in 2000, lots of modern metal pins and clips were found.

Mummification Edit

His shabties are inscribed with hieroglyphs, almost on their entire surface.

References Edit

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