Anedjib The Pharaoh
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Pharaoh Anedjib
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 2930 BC
Site Abydos, Egypt
Current Location
Catalog #

Biography Edit

Pharaoh Anedjib, also known as Adjib, Hor-Anedjib, Hor-Adjib and Enezib, was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled during the 1st Dynasty. Son of Pharaoh Den and husband to Queen Betrest, Anedjib is said to have reigned for about 26 years, while other historians claim his reign was closer to 8-10 years, Pharaoh Anedjib is said to have worn what was called the double crown of Egypt which represents the geographical upper and lower half of Egypt. There is evidence of constant rebellion against the reign of Anedjib, leaving him to be remembered as a "Pharaoh of many conflicts."

His tomb, built in Abydos, is considered to be one of the most poorly constructed tombs for a Pharaoh. The tomb was constructed out of wood which was considered to be a luxury material in Egypt at the time, leaving us to question why one would use such luxury in the construction of such a poorly made tomb.


Although not much is known regarding the mummification of Anedjib, the burial site was excavated at Abydos and is known as "Tomb X". It measures 16.4 x 9.0 metres, which is considerably small in relation to other discovered tombs in the area. Adjib's tomb has its entrance at the eastern side and a staircase leading down the inside.

A few stone vessels were discovered at Abydos that showed clear evidence that someone had tried to erase Pharaoh Anedjib’s name from history, which suggests a dispute that may have occurred.


Egyptologists such as Nicolas Grimal and Wolfgang Helck point out that pictures of Adjib show the notation Qesen ("calamity") written on the stairways of the Hebsed pavilion. It is a possibility that the death of Anedjib was a violent one.


Additional InfoEdit

Another royal person who is thought to be in Pharaoh Anedjib's lineage is Semerkhet; however, this has not been clearly identified.

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