Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Amunet
Age 24-34 years old
Sex Female
Status Priestess to Egyptian goddess Hathor
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) c. 2134-1991 BC
Site Tomb of Amunet (Deir el-Bahari)
Current Location
Location Not Listed
Catalog #


Amunet was a priestess of the Goddess Hathor, one of the most important gods in early Egypt until the middle kingdom period.


Amunet was mummified in a similar process as Ramses III and stored in a shaft containing mummies belonging to high priests of the twenty-first dynasty.


The mummy of Amunet was discovered in 1891 by the French Egyptologist Eugène Grébaut.

The tattoos were located on the superior pubic region, on the mid frontal torso, and directly inferior to the right breast. There were also tattoos superior to the elbow joint, left shoulder, and thighs. The tattoos were in the form of dashes, dots, and circles. These tattoos prompted theories of “medical tattooing” for therapeutic purposes or simply tattooing for a ritualistic function.


No indication of cause of death.

Additional InfoEdit

Only about 12 tattooed mummies have been found to date.


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