Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) akesuita
Age 50
Sex male
Status priest
Height N/A
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 680 BC
Current Location
Location The National Museum Prešernova
Catalog #

Biography: Akesuita was a Slovenian that dates back to 680 BC. He was a priest of Amun's temple in in Karnak, Egypt. It is believed he passed away at the age of 50 years old. Edit

Mummification: He was washed and shaved in the Nile, then the brain and internal organs were removed and placed in jars to stay in the coffin. The body was then dehydrated and preserved in salt water. Next the body was rewashed and wrapped. Lastly, makeup was applied and a wig. Edit

Studies: Slovenians were successful travellers around Africa. Edit

Pathology: Passed away from natural causes. Edit

Additional Info: Edit


  • Tomislav Kajfež et al.: Mumija in krokodil. Slovenci odkrivamo dežele ob Nilu. Katalog razstave, Ljubljana 2014.

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