Ahmose Inhapy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahmose Inhapy
Age Adult
Sex Female
Status Titles include King's Wife and King's Daughter
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Mummified after reign of Ahmose I ~1557 BC, discovered in 1881
Site First in Thebes then reburied in tomb DB320 where she was discovered
Current Location
Location Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt
Catalog # Unknown


It is unsure on what time she actually lived as some say she was the daughter Pharaoh Senakhtenre but other's believe she dates back to the times of Ahmose I or even Amenhotep I. She had a daughter named Ahmose-Henuttamehu and was mentioned in her daughter's Book of the Dead.

Mummification Edit

Mummy had wreath of flower's around the neck when found, the body was laid out with arms at it's side. no evidence of salt was found on the body. Body likely not immersed in natron as was thought to be the normal procedure. left side incision was found likely to have been made to remove the organs. wrapped in Resin soaked linen

Additional InfoEdit

when unwrapped by Grafton Elliot Smith she was described as likely being a big, and strong built women when she was alive.


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