Ahmose I Pharaoh
Human Mummy
Amosis PL
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahmose I Pharaoh
Age 24
Sex Male
Status King
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 1881
Site The great royal cache
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum JE 26210
Catalog # CG61057


Ahmose I Pharaoh (sometimes called Amosis) is the son of Serener Ta'o II and Ahhotpe. He was known as the founder of the Eighteenth Dynasty in the ancient Egypt due to his introduction of a new era. As a king, he not only focused on the military system, but also concentrated on restoring the freedom and greatness of Egypt.


Ahmose I Pharaoh's mummy was found in the great royal cache of 1881. His head had been broken off and his nose had been broken and pushed in. Arms were not folded over the chest, but were extended with the hands facing inward at the thighs.


A examination of mummy indicated that his head had been removed through the foramen magnum instead of the nostrils.


Through the X-rays, it indicated that Ahmose I Pharaoh had suffered from arthritis.


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