Ahmose I
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahmose I
Age 30+
Sex Male
Status elite
Height 168cm
Culture ancient Egypt
Date(s) 1525 BC
Site Original location unknown
Current Location
Location Luxor Museum
Catalog #


Ahmose I was a Pharaoh in ancient egypt, he was the founder of the eighteenth dynasty of egypt and he ruled from 1539-1514 BC. He is most famous for liberating Egypt from the Hyksos.


The body of Ahmose I had been moved from his original place of burial and re-wrapped before later discovery. This was likely due to the apparent attempted grave robbery of his previous burial site that resulted in the mummy's nose being smashed and his head separated from his body.


The body of Ahmose I was x-rayed by Dr. James Harris in 1980 as part of an investigation into all of the royal mummies at the Cairo Museum. These X-rays suggested that Ahmose I may not have been a royal mummy at all and left his identity in question.

Additional InfoEdit

This mummy is currently displayed in the Luxor Museum in Egypt alongside the mummy of fellow Pharaoh Ramesses I in one of their permanent exhibitions entitled "The Golden Age of the Egyptian Military" that has been on display since 2004.


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