Ahhotep II
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahhotep II
Sex female
Status Queen Consort
Culture Egyptian
Site Thebes
Current Location
Location coffin from Dra'Abu el-Naga'
Catalog #


Ahhotep II was an Egyptian queen. Her marriage was not confirmed but was thought to be the royal wife or Pharaoh Kamose.


Ahhotep was buried in Dra'Abu El-Naga' inside a tomb with both gold and silver jewelry and weapons. Her tomb was designed with blade created out of copper, gold, electrum and wood. In her tomb were 3 golden flies that indicated pariticpation in the army, which some belonged to her husband Pharaoh Kamose. However her mummy is said to be destroyed in 1859.


Though their are no medical studies, through the study of inscrpitions and language some of the evidence found suggested that she died before year 20 of Ahmose I.


Additional InfoEdit

There are many theories on the identity of this mummy. Some theories believe that Ahhotep II may be identical to Ahhotep I. Other theories suggest that she is married Sequnenre Tao instead of Kamose.

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