Agnaiyaaq ("Little Girl")
Human Mummy
<center>An X-Ray of Agnaiyaaq's Body<center>
Biographical Information
Name(s) Agnaiyaaq ("Little Girl")
Age Est. 5-8 Yrs.
Sex Female
Status Child
Height N/A
Culture Eskimo
Date(s) Thule Culture (c. A.D. 800-1200)
Site Ukkaqsi
Current Location
Location Old Whaling Village in Utqiagvik
Catalog #


Agnaiyaaq or "Little Girl" is around 800 years old and is said to be a five to eight year old girl. This child was found in Ukkaqsi in Utqiagvik, an old Whaling Village. Agnaiyaaq suffered from undisclosed disabilities, but was helped by her fellow villagers to survive as long as she did. In her village she worked in skins and was said to be an expert seamstress by the age of 35. She had very little in terms of possessions and was found with a toboggan, parka, a small skin bag, and hide rope.


Due to the frigid climate documented in this region during this time period, Agnaiyaaq's body was found well preserved in ice and the exterior of the body was intact.


Agnaiyaaq's cause of death is listed as starvation after various autopsies and x-rays, which found various non-edible objects, such as rocks and twigs, being consumed in replacement of food. In addition, autopsies also found that Agnaiyaaq suffered from several diseases including:Pulmonary Edema, Hypoproteinemia, an accumulation of bloody fluids in the chest cavity, a collapsed left lung, Emphysema and Alpha-1-Antitrypsin deficiency (a rare congenital disease). All of these contributing to the cause of her death.

External LinksEdit

Zimmerman, M., Jensen, A., & Sheehan, G. (2000). Agnaiyaaq: The Autopsy of a Frozen Thule Mummy. Arctic Anthropology, 37(2), 52-59. Retrieved from

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