Adidas Mummy
Human Mummy
Adidas mum
Biographical Information
Name(s)  ?
Age  ?
Sex Female
Status Turkik Commoner
Height  ?
Culture Turkik
Date(s) 6th century AD
Site Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Current Location
Location Khovd Museum
Catalog #


This 1500 years old mummy is identified as female and was on found an Altai Mountain in Mongolia.

Since the discovery made news in 2016, the mummy received attention for wearing a shoe with the famous Adidas stripe trademark. Some online users commented that time travel may have existed. However, archaeologists speculated the Turkik had very skillful craftsmen to make high quality footwear and other items. Even though the mummy had excellent crafted belongings, experts believe the discovered mummy came from a non-elite class.

Inside map gv

Location of the burial site.


The ancient mummy was wrapped in felt and is considered the first discovered Turkik in Central Asia.

The mummy was buried in Central Asia, located in the Altai mountains between Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. Due to this mountainous environment of 2,803 metres above sea level, the mummy was preserved due to the cold temperature, in a three metre deep grave.

The mummy did not have a bow in the tomb, suggesting to be female.

Inside team

Archaeologists from Khovd Museum with the findings.


The mummy is currently under further study.


The mummy is currently under further study.

Additional InfoEdit

Alongside the mummy, she was buried with items such as a sacrificed horse and household items.


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