Background Information Edit

Discovered in the mountains of Aconcagua in the fall of 2015. DNA was extracted from the world's tallest mountain outside of Asia. This mummy does not have a name but is the mummy of a seven-year-old boy who had been sacrificed by the Inca. The DNA has been tested to try and identify the body. A few identities have corresponded with the DNA of this Aconcagua mummy, none of which have been determined as the final identity.

Genetics Edit

Mitochondrial DNA had been passed on the boy's mother which helped shed light, partially, on who he was. This rare DNA could suggest that the genomes American's became more vast and unique over periods of elongated isolation.

Additional Information Edit

Extraordinary preservation caused by extremely high altitude and freezing temperature. The unknown boy was killed in a ritual, where he was sacrificed in order to make an offering to the gods. Many children were taken and killed in these rituals in the mountains of the Andes. Not much is known about this Aconcagua boy, but it is known that the boy did not die in peace as his clothes had been stained with vomit. It is said that he was strangled and died from a blow to the head.

References Edit

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