A Young Man Preserved in the Sand
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 20-35 years old
Sex Male
Status Lower class- peasant
Height 160cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Around 3500 BC
Site Gabelein, Egypt
Current Location
Location The British Museum, United Kingdom
Catalog # N/A


This unknown mummy was preserved in the sand in the middle predynastic period, about 3500 BC in ancient Egypt. He was buried alongside what was believed to be other men from Gabelein B, an important centre in an ancient Egypt at the time.


The brain of the man was found to be particularly preserved. This mummy was one of the six discovered at the location that were found to be natural mummies. Essentially it is a mummy that has been naturally preserved, and there is no embalmment that takes place. Most likely preserved by chance, being buried in a shallow grave is the most probable cause.

Gebelien-man 624x624


Because he is a natural mummy, his digestive tract is preserved. Significantly there appears to be evidence of what the last food was that the man consumed before his death, however no actual samples have been taken yet to determine what the food was. Found that the man was young when he died, appeared to be between the ages of 20-35. Perhaps indicating that the life in the pre domestic era was much harder.


Unknown, however most likely natural causes occurring in that time period.

Additional InfoEdit

Currently can be found at The British Museum located in the United Kingdom.

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