A Christian Woman in Sudan
File:Http:// 624x624.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 20-35 years
Sex Female
Status Christian
Height 158cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Culture Ancient African
Date(s) Medieval period, around AD 700
Site Site 3-J-23, et-Tereif, Fourth Cataract, Sudan
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # None
Christian-sudan 624x624


She was buried within the Kingdom of Makuria in Sudan during the 5th century AD, during the 6th century AD it was converted to Christianity. She was discovered just over a decade ago when the Sudanese government wanted to build a dam on the Nile at the fourth cataract where her body was buried. One special feature about this mummy is that she bears a tattoo along her inner thigh of the Arch Angel Michael. This is the only visible evidence that indicates her religious status as a Christian.


The body of this lady is called a mummified body but is actually a naturally desiccated body. It was found in a small cemetery close to the banks of Nile buried in an oblong pit about a meter deep placed on its back with the head to the west. It was simply placed in the ground in a very dry environment and dried out so quickly that it wasn't able to rot away keeping it preserved and partially mummified. This fast drying caused most of her soft tissue to be well preserved as can be seen in the case of her brain which is almost intact.



The pathological condition evident was in the form of her tooth extraction or loss possibly as beauty enhancement or as part of a cultural practice.

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