800-year-old Siberian mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown.
Age 800 years-old
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Site Salekhard
Current Location
Location Russia's Scientific Centre of Arctic Research.
Catalog #


The child, whose remains were recently discovered, was around six or seven years old when he met his demise.He was found in an ancient necropolis close to the site of Salekhard, a region of Siberia north of the Arctic Circle.


His body was encased in birchbark and copper. It is important to note that the mummy was preserved in a natural state and there were no internal organs removed.


They took samples of tissue and probed the ancient boy's internal organs. With the remains of this boy, which are nearly eight hundred years old, they will be able to gather valuable insight as to how children lived in medieval times and possibly their diet. As well as they hope to uncover how the child died, though the chances are minute. 


Cause of death is unknown.

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