Eva " Evita " Peron


Name = Eva "Evita" Perón. The first Lady of Argentina in 1946

Age = 33

Sex = Female

Culture = Argentinian

Dates = Embalmed in 1952 after dying from Cancer

Site = Former office at the CGT building

location = Argentina


Eva "Evita" Perón was the wife of the president Of Argentina. She is a popular figure in the countries history after dying from cancer at the age of 33. Her body was mummified due to the popular support she gathered throughout her lifetime from the citizens of Argentina


Although Eva never expressed concerns to be mummified, her husband pushed forward the idea. Dr, Pedro Ara was approached to do the mummification, who was known across the globe for this. By replacing the blood on Eva with glycerin, he was able to perfectly preserve her and her organs.

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