4500 year old Peruvian mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age 40 or 50 at death
Sex female
Status noble/important social status
Culture Peruvian
Date(s) lived 2500 BC, discovered in April 2016
Site Aspero
Current Location
Location Northern Peru
Catalog #

4500 year old Peruvian mummy


The 4500 year old mummy had been unearthed in the ancient fishing village of Aspero in northern Peru. It was found that she had been buried since 2500 BC. She was discovered wrapped in burial clothes, with carved objects exhibiting details of coastal and jungle animals, including birds and monkeys buried alongside her. These objects are believed to show the significance of the discovery. It is thought that the objects that the women was found with are indicative of possible trade between the city she was found in and the city of Caral, 14 miles away. The city of Caral is well rooted, the most ancient civilization in South America.


Found in traditional burial clothes, along with evidence in the form of artifacts that were indicative of her important status in the society.



Additional InfoEdit

Due to the recency of the discovery, as of yet, few details have been discovered regarding specifics of the mummification process and/or who this noble female might have been.

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