biography : The body was identified thanks to inscriptions on a lead reliquary containing the heart of her husband as belonging to Lady of Brefeillac Louise de Quengo. When researchers opened her lead coffin, they found a body not wrapped in strips of cloth but fully clothed in a nun’s habit. The discovery was made 4 years ago at the site of the Convent of the Jacobins, built in 1369.

mummification: Researchers say it is in an exceptional state of preservation,” giving researchers “rare insight into the funerary practices of the elites of the seventeenth century. According to the news release, she wore a religious garment, which included a cape, chasuble, brown frock, fabric shirt, leg warmers and shoes with cork soles. She held a crucifix in her hands and a scapular was around her right arm. The institute explained that it was common during this time for elite members of society to wear such a garment for ceremonies.


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