20 week old Egyptian baby, Maidstone Museum
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 20 weeks
Sex Unknown
Culture Ptolemaic Dynasty, Egypt
Date(s) Death approximated at 323 BC – 30BC
Site Unavailable
Current Location
Location Unavailable
Catalog #


This mummy was initially believed to be the remains of a 2 300 year old hawk from the Egyptian desert. It was at the Maidstone Museum in Kent, England, classified as 'a mummified hawk with linen and cartonnage, Ptolemaic period'. After revisiting the sample through research at KIMS Hospital in Maidstone, England, CT scans estimated the mummy to be the a miscarries 20-week gestation fetus. This would make in one of the youngest known human mummies in the world.


The mummy is in a small sarcophagus, which is a box-like coffin usually carved in stone with engraving.



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