19th-Century Mummified Fetus
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age 29-week-old
Sex undetermined
Date(s) Discovered in 2009, approximately 175 years old
Site St. John the Evangelist Church in the Casentino village
Current Location
Location Italy
Catalog #

Biography Edit

This mummified fetus was in the mothers womb for approximately 29 weeks until it was removed. The removal was thought to have occurred because the mother was in danger or the fetus had already died.


From examination, it has shown that the bones from the fetus had not been connected due to a medical procedure. The bones had been partially reassembled and dressed with the skull fragments in a type of head gear.


Radiography was used to determine the positions and reassembly of the bones. Gender could not be determined because the morphology of the pelvic and jaw bones were underdeveloped.


Scientists have determined that the fetus had undergone an embryotomy, previous to mummification.

Additional InfoEdit

This mummy was found along with others when a devastating earthquake hit central Italy in April 2009. the damaged caused by the earthquake had collapsed the floor of the church and had reveled the underground rooms where the mummies had been found.

Since the fetus was dressed fully and was reassembled after undergoing the embryotomy, it has been thought that in the community there was a high amount of compassion for the unborn fetus.

On the other bodies found at the site there was medical procedures such as a craniotomy.

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