1000-year old Peru Mummy with Tattoos
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown, nicknamed Kiko Rontoy
Age ~30 years old
Sex Male
Status Elite/Upper Class
Culture Chancay
Date(s) 1000-1500 AD
Site Ancient Peruvian city of Rontoy
Current Location
Catalog #


Mummy thought to originate from the Chancay civilization which existed between 1000 and 1500 AD. The mummy whose name is unknown was nicknamed Kiko Rontoy. Kiko is thought to belong to the elite or upper class of the Chancay civilization. Kiko is thought to bleong to the upper class due to the fact he was buried with corn which was very valuable in the area at the time. Kiko was found to have a black tattoo which is also a sign of high status.


Kiko was wrapped in layers of finely woven textiles and a gauze-like material. Embedded in those layers were several offerings. Some things buried with him include cotton balls which would indicate he was a weaver and corn which indicates a high status. There were also other artifacts such as a necklace, slingshot, and figurine found in the tomb. Kiko's organs were removed through disembowelment. Kiko's face also was covered in metal plates and red paint which were used for preservation and further show his status as some sort of elite in the Chancay society.


Kiko is thought to originate from the Chancay civilization. The Chancay were subjucated by the Inca so there is not much known about them. Kiko's tomb allows experts to better understand the Chancay. Experts conclude the Chancay held substantial regional control on the north-central coast of Peru during the period known as the Late Intermediate—about A.D. 1000 to 1476. Experts also concluded that the Chancay were independent and often traded with the Chimor Empire which was previously thought to rule the land of the Chancay.


There are no broken bones or sever lacerations, he may have had an infection.

Additional InfoEdit

Kiko's tomb was found by luck when a ceramics expert was looking for ceramic remains to help secure better dates for the Chancay's occupation of the valley.

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