Otzi the iceman

|name = Otzi the Iceman

|age = Died around age 45

|sex =Male

|status = N/A

|height = 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

|culture = Alpine cultural group

|dates = lived around 3,300 BCE

|site =N/A

|location = N/A

|catalogue = }}



Otzi the Iceman born 3300 BCE was a slim adult male raised in the Alpine Mountains. Being that Otzi is one of the oldest mummies in the world he is very important in today’s history. On September 1991 Otzi’s body was found in a glacier of water which was about 10 year after mummies were discovered ( His death was considered a homicide because he was wounded by an arrow and hit behind the head (Miller, 2015).  In the Alpines people lived in “settlement houses” which were usually situated on a “hilltop” to provide protection if there was some form of attack ( After some analyzing it was discovered that Otzi had about fifty tattoos on many areas of his body. Those tattoos were not only symbolic but also a form of remedy against the pain he was experiencing (


Based on the theories that has been developed, there has not yet been an official explanation as to how Otzi the Iceman died. Many researchers believe that his body was expose to a great amount of “freezing dry air “ and others say that his body was mummified due to his death near glacier water(


After analyzing, researchers have found that during Otzi’s time on earth, he suffered some fractures on his rib and was missing his “twelfth rib” ( Although he lacked one rib it did not prevent him from doing his normal daily activities. Based his pathology it was also seen that he had a natural gap in his teeth and showed signs of decaying this may have been due to the fact that he used his teeth as a tool (

==Additional Info==

The tattoos of Otzi were not done through needles but through carving of charcoal.

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